American Grounding Systems, Inc.


American Grounding Systems, Inc., is a Native American-Woman Owned, Oregon corporation based in Toledo and is a manufacturer of electrical grounding straps and wires. The business was founded in 1993 by Greg Higgins in Canby, Oregon where it was incorporated as American Cable and Connector. At that time the company built cable assemblies and grounding straps. As time went on, we moved away from building cable assemblies and directed our efforts towards grounding systems. In 2000 we re-incorporated as American Grounding Systems , Inc. commonly known as "AGS".

AGS currently supplies commercial /industrial products to many customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. We produce grounding straps for the solar panel and wind power turbine industries, electronic and electrical companies, space vehicles and satellites, aviation, railways, marine, ATMs, vending and gaming machines, control panels and the U.S. Military and any other industry requiring electrical grounding. AGS has an online catalog for our most popular straps and provides custom design and rapid prototyping services . We have provided our catalog and custom design pages online for your review. Thank you for visiting the AGS website and using AGS products.

Greg and Helen Higgins
Toledo, Oregon


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